An Accurate documentation is the best solution for passing a Medicare Chiropractic audit. In contemporary scenario, a proper, well managed and multi disciplinary chiropractic documentation is the most required thing for any therapeutic practinor. The patient chart should precisely reflect medical history, his/her medical status, medical thought processes and the progress since care was initiated. An appropriate charting serve both doctor and patient in many issues like , insurance, and quality assurance etc. These means of recording patient’s history are proved very beneficial, especially for hospitals having large and extremely busy practice set ups. For this reason, the chiropractic documentation is one of the most helpful matters at the doctor’s end for correct charting understanding and planning for care strategies for patients. It helps the concerned doctor or caretaker to map out suitable analytical course and following it through reliable plan of regular involvement and monitoring. For making this process easy and simple, a chiropractic software programs is introduced and designed in guidance of experienced suggestions of well qualified doctors. ChiroWrite is a highly developed electronics health records system that is easy and efficient to use. It is designed with the feature of touch screen monitor. It provides a quick and easy system to record patient’s health related notes with complete details. It facilitates generation of these reports in the form of prints, whenever needed and irrespective of the number of times prints required by anyone. This technology is helpful in reducing extensive and tiring paper work and records can be stored for relatively long period of time and even very systematically.