Documentation about patients’ visits and health exams or check-ups is significant or say is compulsory. This is one of the most important parts of doctors’ job and is equally important for patients so that in future their medical health record and details can be seen, if required. Generally, doctors or their assistants prepare patients’ records in registers or booklets manually. This method takes time and requires paper and its costs. Now days, more convenient and accurate solution for documentation is available. With the help of chiropractic practice management doctors can follow a quick and easy system to record patients’ health related notes with complete details. It helps in reducing extensive and tiring paper work. In future or after long period of time, same records of patients can be checked easily. All records can be stored systematically with back up data. Doctors can display a preview of report on the screen. They can make changes, if required and can provide prints to patients if required.

Chiropractic documentation system has been designed with the feature of touch screen monitor. It has been designed in the guidance of experts and well qualified doctors. This software works on Windows XP for table PC operating systems. It requires powerful leading tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Data has been stored within Microsoft SQLServer. The emr chiropractic system is really very beneficial and a modern system for years to come.