A system has been designed that follows a quick and easy way to record patient’s health related notes, details of visits and other necessary fine points. This system is Chiropractic practice management. This is a technique designed with feature of touch screen monitor. It has been designed in complete guidance of experts and advises and suggestions from well qualified doctors. This software helps in reducing extensive and tiring paper work and is not at all time-consuming. This is a way one can also save paper costs and also contributes in going green. Though the software has been deigned with some necessary features including option to take print outs, make changes in notes and details when required and to save data for long time. Chiropractic emr software works on or is suitable for Windows XP for table PC operating systems. Powerful leading tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET Framework are required. For this system and data has been stored within Microsoft SQLServer.

So now, there is no need to record patient’s details in registers or booklets. Doctors now can easily follow Chiropractic Practice Management system for complete assistance while doing check-ups and consulting with patients. Documentation is one of the important things in medical field. Medications and treatments for patients, almost of the time, depend on their previous conditions and situations and medication they got. And this software helps doctors in getting all the details recorded easily without taking much time and even they can access details in future as per requirement.