There was a time when all professionals such as engineers and doctors used to make records and reports. Maintaining records and reports is essential for further proceedings. This task is a manual work. It is time-consuming, hectic. But, now, professionals do not need to waste their time doing manual work. Or, they need not to hire someone to maintain all records and reports, because highly advanced and efficient technique has been introduced. This technique is known as EMR chiropractic. It is Electronic Medical Record software that contains patient’s medical and treatment history in one practice. It is a digital version of paper charts in medical offices and clinics. By using this software doctors can easily maintain patient’s report and record. Chiropractors are now opting for EMR chiropractic software which is a type of medical record that is in digital format. It does not require files and bundles of papers to keep records. It is not a daunting task that consumes hours and hours. This software is beneficial as it increases efficiency. Patient care and efficient and effective approach to treatment becomes significant and essential. Type of software is a revolutionary technology in medical history. This type of software helps in making and maintaining chiropractic documentation. It makes retrieval of patient’s record easy and streamlined.