Large scale hospitals and big medical centres are always in search of some kind of resourceful system which helps them to keep their important and significant medical database safe and secured all the time. They can find the perfect solution for this problem in EMR chiropractic system. It is an electronic system to save database securely. It is a system with can keep and store a large amount of medical data in it. It is extremely important for the concerned doctor and consultant to keep the track record and medical history of their patients all time accessible to anyone. This is because when doctor is off duty after prescribing the required medicine and treatments, nurses and assistants of the doctor need to refer these track records to serve the patient in a precise manner. For this they have to check this record time to time. For this purpose this system is designed in such a way so that anybody anytime can check the whole database easily. All the monitor screens placed at different parts of the medical centres are all interconnected by the network so that if one can feed data from any place can check it from somewhere else also.  By using this system hospitals can avoid the headache of storing and searching from the large bundles of papers and folder to get the important information in case of emergencies. The monitors come with the facility of touch screen monitors to provide handiness of usage. It also saves time in searching for the required database easily.