In medical hospitals, maintaining records and details of patients is one of the important tasks. This task is not at all avoidable. It is necessary because patient may or may not keep and maintain records of files and medication they got when they came previous for medical-examinations. They may slip some important information related to their medical history. That is why it becomes essential for doctors to keep records. It is a rule as well. Handling all records manually becomes quite tough. It takes time, energy. It is a waste of paper as well. To make this task easier and simpler Chiropractic software is designed. It is created to keep health and medical records in clinics and hospitals electronically. Now, doctors are easily and quickly access older medical records of patients and their other details by using this effective software. Chiropractic EHR software (Electronic health record) is a type of software which is a digital version of paper charts. It contains patient’s medical and treatment history in one practice. It functions to identify which patients are left for preventive screenings and checkups. Chiropractic EHR software helps doctors to change and edit information or records according to requirements. They can save the information in system. This software has effective feature of focusing on total health of patient. It is designed to reach out beyond health organization which originally collects information. Doctors can share information and details with other health care providers such as laboratories and specialist by using Electronic health record Chiropractic.