Now days, an effective and utility software is available to make work process easier in medical clinics and hospitals. This type of software is known as chiropractic practice management system. In simple words this chiropractic practice management system helps doctors to keep medical records and histories of patients without indulging in hectic and time consuming manual work. There are types of this system, one is EMR chiropractic system and other is EHR system. Let’s discuss both one by one. EMR is electronic health record software. It is a digital version of paper charts in medical offices and clinics. It contains medial records of patients. Using this software doctors can easily track data over time. Also, they can easily identify which patients are left for preventive screenings and checkups. There are certain parameters for patients when it comes to medical checkup, such as blood pressure reading or vaccinations etc. EMR chiropractic software helps in keeping a check on these firm parameters. It focuses on total health of patients and is designed to reach beyond health organization which originally collects information. Coming to other type of system, it is Electronic health record Chiropractic. This software system has all features and functions similar to first type of system. There is one additional beneficial feature that helps doctors to share information and details with other health care providers such as laboratories and specialist.