Now days, different types of software programs have been introduced and are being used by people to meet business aspects. One of the beneficial and advantageous programs is Chiropractic software. The types of chiropractic software programs are designed to facilitate the management of a chiropractic practice. Doctors and medical professionals have found this program very effective and useful. This software is actually an electronic medical record management system. In medical hospitals/clinics making and maintaining records of patients and their medical history and conditions is very important. Without considering medical history of any patient doctors can not give treatment to him.There was a time when medical professionals have to maintain records manually which is hectic, troublesome, tiring job. It also consumes a lot of time, energy and money as well. It is a waste of paper as well. With the help of chiropractic software programs, chiropractors ormedical-office staff can create and regularly update electronic medical records for all of their patients. The chiropractic documentation and records can be used easily and quickly whenever required. Another benefit is that doctors can even forward the information to other health care providers as well. Also, this software program is used for billing purposes. It not only manages patient accounts but it also is used to generate bills, and to keep track of past due accounts.