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Chiro-write is a web-based system that facilitates access to patient records through an Internet browser on a number of different web-enabled devices. It is used for chiropractic electronic medical records. The components that are included in the system are communication portals for patients and partners, which allow medical professionals to easily contact patients and third-party providers. The Patient Portal has specific functions for appointment requests, updates for allergies and medications, and other necessities. It is officially a Complete EHR, formally certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). It meets meaningful use standards as defined by CMS allowing doctors to be eligible for the $44,000 incentive bonus.

Used by thousands of Chiropractics across the country, Chiro-write is one of the most popular web-based medical billing and practice management solutions on the market. This system is particularly well-suited for small practices and billing companies. With it, practices can easily schedule patients, confirm insurance, manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, develop customized reports, and much more. It’s also incredibly affordable, starting at low monthly rates that won’t break the bank. A lot of great things could be said about this software, but perhaps the most talk about favorite feature is its ease of use and intuitive interface. Scheduler makes calendar updates and appointment management much easier, while helping with insurance eligibility checking as well. The software’s document management system allows it to receive incoming faxes and lab results directly, keeping the relevant documentation fully accessible and organized.
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Apart from treating patients and performing surgeries, doctors or medical professionals have other important works as well. They need to maintain the medical records of patients. This is because without considering medical records and previous health conditions of a patient no doctor can prescribe any treatment. In hospitals, we can often see medical health records of every patient who visits and consult doctor. Keeping and maintaining medical records for every patient manually is a hectic and difficult task. It requires energy, time. It is a waste of paper and consequently waste of money. Because maintaining loads of papers and documentation for longer time becomes tough. Contemporarily, new and advances technology has introduced various effective solutions for medical world. One of the most effective and efficient method has been introduced by which doctors or medical health care professionals can easily maintain, keep a record of all the patient related information in a better way. Yes, there is chiropractic EHR software referred as Electronic Health Record Software system. The medical records are maintained in an electronic format. Also, there are some very important and advanced features available in this type of software system. Doctors can make, edit, save and even can take print out of medical records of patients anytime or whenever needed. Let’s discuss some of the important features of Chiropractic EHR Software system:

  • It has user friendly interface that enables doctors or medical health professionals to understand the system easily and quickly.
  • Its data access speed helps doctors to access and transfer records quickly.
  • It is perfectly integrated with all the administrative records, chiropractic SOAP notes, billing, etc.
  • It is a customizable software system, enables doctors to make changes to it according to their own needs and requirements
  • It is highly efficient in recording information
  • Chiropractic EHR Software system follows industry specific designs and functions

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There are not many alternative forms of medicines across the world, which are as popular as chiropractic, which enjoys a lot of popularity, especially in the regions of North America. It is because of this growing popularity of this therapy that there was an urgent need for an advanced product which could assist the chiropractors in shedding some of the burden related to documentation off their shoulders. And it is to meet this growing demand for a high tech product that some of the companies have introduced chiropractic software for EMR in the market, with their own set of features and specialties. With the help of this software, a chiropractor can easily manage documentation and record keeping related work, without hiring or employing extra staff for that purpose.
The chiropractic software for EMR are developed specifically keeping the requirements and demands of chiropractics in mind. Some of the software development companies actually spend huge amount of money and time on conducting thorough research and survey, in order to develop and design software which can best meet the needs of chiropractors. They are designed in such a manner that they can easily be incorporated into touch screen interface such as tablet or touch screen monitor. It is one of the most highlighting and important feature of the software, as it allows a chiropractor to easily record and manage a variety of information related to his or her patient. In addition, the advanced user interface makes it a lot easier to retain or recollect the required information just at the click of the mouse.
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Chiropractic EMR software is software, which is referred to as electronic health record software. With this software medical records are kept in a digital format, all the information can now be stored with the help of this software on devices such as blackberry, PDA and computers. This software is used by the doctors and health professionals. Here are the few of the benefits explained of this software.

  • It is being assumed that this software is a very popular idea because it makes the life of the doctors easier than ever before.
  • This software is very easy to use and offers a high level of services and reduces manual processing and paperwork as much as possible.
  • Leading edge tools are used in building up this software such as. NET and Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • One of the major benefits of the software is that it is a time saver and assures health professionals with the accuracy.
  • Captures handwritten notes.
  • Reports can be easily customized  with this EMR software

What can be accessed and viewed?

  • To note the progress of the treatment images of the patients can be compared from time to time.
  • For easy reference word documents can be uploaded and attached
  • You can visit history procedure and diagnosis codes.
  • You can also record your appointment types.
  • It can take documents which are scanned
  • It will also show warnings related to procedure codes or in case diagnosis link if required.