In the present day world, it has become tedious to maintain the health records of people using the conventional paper records which are cumbersome to maintain and also requires many personnel for the same. ChiroWrite is chiropractic software for the easy maintenance of patient records by doctors on touch screen devices like tablets and touch phones. It can be installed on touch screen devices and it is standalone software. The software was itself designed by a large team of doctors worldwide and hence it will suit the demands of the medical practitioners. This system of storing patient records also helps save paper.

It is an electronic health records system which is amenable with HIPAA. Chiropractic software contains a set of standard questions which are posed to the patients while examination and the presence of selection boxes and navigation options save time and reduces the work of the doctors. With the advent of such Chiropractic certified EHR softwares, the doctors could spend more time for the treatment of patients than filling forms and questionnaires. The doctors can also visit more patients in a single day and save a lot of time and money. They are easy to maintain and can be accessed whenever the patients or doctors are in need. The records are also easily transferrable and can be used on the latest operating systems. Once the forms are filled, they can be printed also. This will be the leading trend in the healthcare industry in the years to come.

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