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Maintaining paper medical records of the patients can be a cumbersome task. The statement holds true for all types of medical practices such as dental, speciality practices, family medicine, or chiropractic office. However, most medical practitioners are not aware of the fact that maintaining paper medical records is an expensive and clerical task. It would use most of your time that you could have spent with your patient. It consumes both time and money.

The medical offices have struggled to maintain and store heaps of paper medical records of patients. These records are stored in expensive record storage cabinets. When these records outgrow the storage space, they are shifted to some off-site storage facility. Clearly, maintaining and storing paper medical records can be a burdensome task. Chiropractors using electronic medical record storage have yielded a plethora of benefits. One major benefit of Chiropractic electronic medical records is that it eases out the problem of medical records maintenance and storage. All medication list, labs, chart notes, x-rays, letters, reports, medical histories, and any kind of information pertaining to the patient that would be held in a paper record can now easily be scanned or documented directly into the EMR.

Having access to all medical information on a click of a few buttons of mouse or touch screen is certainly priceless. Perhaps, another attractive benefits of using electronic medical records is overall time and cost savings. It practically reduces the cost incurred on purchasing reams of paper, off-site printing of forms, multitude copies of scripts and insurance cards, and in-house printing of schedules. It also reduces labor requirements.


Usually the conventional methods of keeping health record systems like record sheets, files are very cumbersome; the real concern is about managing them and handling them for various patients at various time intervals. These files and record sheets are difficult to sort and manage and give a very boring life to those who use it, i.e. Doctors. EHR Software

ChiroWrite is EMR software for storing, editing, processing and retrieving chiropractic medical records. This software provides a touch screen feature which makes it a user friendly interface with tablets and touch PCs for the doctors to use and along with that its narrative capabilities and smooth retrieval give cutting edge and time saving benefits to them. This chiropractic EMR software has been designed to help the doctors in their day to day report generation, record maintenance, patient details database management along with that it can be even used for patient check – ins with various scheduling capabilities that help in appointment settings, time management and acts as a proper managing assistant to the person or doctor using it. It is software which uses latest technologies of tagging images under name of a patient, removing them and specifying the matter for the case.

This complete package of software is purely certified and tested on nearly all the platforms and it works functionally well on all of them. It can be used on any tablet, or any touch PC with just a click it can produce results and navigate to user’s database.