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Maintaining paper medical records of the patients can be a cumbersome task. The statement holds true for all types of medical practices such as dental, speciality practices, family medicine, or chiropractic office. However, most medical practitioners are not aware of the fact that maintaining paper medical records is an expensive and clerical task. It would use most of your time that you could have spent with your patient. It consumes both time and money.

The medical offices have struggled to maintain and store heaps of paper medical records of patients. These records are stored in expensive record storage cabinets. When these records outgrow the storage space, they are shifted to some off-site storage facility. Clearly, maintaining and storing paper medical records can be a burdensome task. Chiropractors using electronic medical record storage have yielded a plethora of benefits. One major benefit of Chiropractic electronic medical records is that it eases out the problem of medical records maintenance and storage. All medication list, labs, chart notes, x-rays, letters, reports, medical histories, and any kind of information pertaining to the patient that would be held in a paper record can now easily be scanned or documented directly into the EMR.

Having access to all medical information on a click of a few buttons of mouse or touch screen is certainly priceless. Perhaps, another attractive benefits of using electronic medical records is overall time and cost savings. It practically reduces the cost incurred on purchasing reams of paper, off-site printing of forms, multitude copies of scripts and insurance cards, and in-house printing of schedules. It also reduces labor requirements.